Company Information


Xplicit Furnishings has been an established brand in Second life (SL) since April 2009. Design is the backbone of my Real-Life (RL), and the opportunity to explore my own creativity in SL quickly became an obsession, especially when it was coupled with my favorite activity (take a hint from the name of the store). Designing in SL presents unique challenges . From the very beginning I spent weeks in thought and conversations with residents on the merit of design verses prim count versus animations.

Design Goals:

My aim to balance these factors as the foundation of my work has been the reputation on which the Xplicit Furnishings brand is now known for in Second Life.

Product Insight:

Xplicit Furnishings is a store within Second Life that provides the residents with 3D products made from prims, sculpts and mesh. I am determined to use whatever is best to achieve the concept that I have in mind.However, all recent designs have been made using mesh. These items are interactive using various scripts to drive the animations. Some of these animations have been made my me, others are purchased from some of the top animators on the grid.

About the Creator:

I am by no means a lone wolf, the concepts I have had over the years would not be possible without the input of other secondlife residents. I am heavily dependent on others for scripting especially, scripters (programmers) are the magicians of SL. Also, the staff of Xplicit Furnishings, they are some of the most helpful people in-world and they do it because much like me, they love what they do. So visit us in-world. Feel free to say hi to a member of staff, they are always willing to guide you through the process of exploring the three floors of products which house hundreds of items.