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Xplicit Tales:

After looking at his watch for the time, the sound of the delivery truck horns alerted Trysten to their presence, and a smile crossed his mouth as it signaled the arrival of the new furniture for his new house ....

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Sally Reports:

Sally quickly checked her outfit as her finger tentatively hovered over the teleport button.... yes this would do... a smart pair of pants, shirt and a jacket. Didn't want to look too conspicuous, after all this wasn't really her thing.... reporting on a Sex Furniture store.

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First Day As His Prostitute

My name is Audrey. I am currently 26 and I am often told I am a posh looking blonde girl with endless legs. I am slim, fit and sexy with a nice ass and rather big boobs that I know bring every male eyes onto me. My friends often nickname me Barbie. I am what you would describe as the sexy attractive bimbo girl who could easily have qualified in modeling, air hostess or porn video actress alike.

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