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Xplicit Vanity Table will suit any bedroom. This classical design is highly detailed and the menu compliments it perfectly. The fluid high quality animations match the standards set by the appearance. 


150 Animations 

5 Love scenes 

Texture changer 

Props attached to av via menu 

Free gifts of decorative accessories 

Touch the lamp on/off 

Touch the drawer in/out 

Drag your own picture to the photo frame


A Vanity Table with licked stool (8 prims LI) 

A touch on/off functioning lamp (2 Prims LI) 

A photo frame that you can drag your picture to (1 prim LI) 

A vase of a dozen red roses (3 prims LI) 

An assortment bottles and makeup ( 3 prims)

These unlinked items are to allow you to mix and match.

MENU includes- 

13 Solo animations : hair styling, nail polishing, makeup application, moisturizing, masturbating 

Couple's menu: polishing nails, brushing hair, hugging, kissing, petting, orals, and sex

HOW TO USE: Touch and sit on the stool, the menu comes up automatically. If you close it, just retouch it to get the menu again. 

The first sitter should be the female. If not, then use the swap button in the menu.

CHANGING TEXTURES: This is accessible to all whilst seated via the texture menu.

ADJUSTING POSITIONS: The table will remember individual settings for individual positions.

Both sitters will have menus and can change the poses at any time.

PROPS: Props will be attached to your AV. Please say yes when the pop up message asks for permission to animate your av. Props WILL NOT not be copied into you inventory. 

Come demo this inworld to experience all this for yourself. 

Xplicit Customer Care 

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us directly via IM or visit us in-person at our Main Store.

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