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You do not have to choose between a bath and a shower. Both functional and decorative; a shower and a bath. You can have it all.

Relax by yourself or with your partner, either options will be memorable with animations that are fluid and of the best quality. 

Come demo inworld to understand the reason it is the new must have. One of the best baths around and testing it will convince you of that fact. 

-- MESH 

-- 234 high quality sensual animations, some new animations. 

- -4 Smooth seamless love scenes 

-- Bath and shower menu 

-- Solo and couples 

-- No poseball, right click and sit 

-- Auto attach props 

--Easy to use menu 


This is accessible by touching the control panel at the back of the shower or by the main menu. 

This has various features such as 

1.shower on/off. 

2.changing light colour and jets. 

3.light on or off. 

4.glow on jets on/off. 

5.wet glass on/off. When the shower is turned on the glass becomes wet and steamy automatically. Toggle this off to stop this and have the glass remain clear when the shower is on. 

6.steam on/off. 

7.shower jets on/off. There are functional jets squirting water along your body. This option toggles it on/off. 

8.bath water at different levels. 

9.bath drain. 

10.bath jets on/off.


This shower comes in two main colours- Black and white. The glass decoration can also be changed or be made clear using the texture menu.

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Xplicit Customer Care 

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us directly via IM or visit us in-person at our Main Store.

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