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BREAKING NEWS: By popular request Xplicit furnishings has released ‘THE PLEASURE BAR’.

WARNING: Sitting on this bar could have you indulging in more than drinks. Possible side effects includes; a drunken slumber, body shots, bar top dancing, bar side BJ, Stool top fucking. 

Xplicit furnishings will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect body reactions which may occur upon sitting on the Pleasure Bar. Users will be solely responsible for all consequential role play with the understanding that Xplicit Furnishings simply provides even more innovative means for sexual expressions; it is the user’s responsibility to fully indulge.


-- 187 Animations 

-- 7 Full Scenes 

-- Mesh 

-- No poseballs (right click and sit) 

--16 LI 

-- Drinks menu (Assessable via menu or touching the board) 

--Texture changing 

--Lighst ON/OFF 

--Auto attach props

Each sitter will be given their own individual menu. The swap button will not swap with another sitter but will only swap to an unused seat. The animation menus include options for 2 males, 2 female and a bartender.

Animations menus includes, solos, couples, MMF and FMM. Second male and female sitters will only have solo animations menu. They can be involved in threesomes but will have no control in the threesome menu. If any one seated does not wish to be involved in a specific animation, they can choose solo sits.

Texture changer menu can now be found under the adjust button. This has security, owner can set the texture changer option to ‘everyone’, ‘group’ or ‘owner’.

Visit our Main Store to see first-hand and explore the other great Xplicit furnishings.

Xplicit Customer Care 

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us directly via IM or visit us in-person at our Main Store.

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