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With thousands of chairs in Second Life it is easy to get overlooked; however, with the Reign Throne, your presence cannot be ignored. Attractive and dominant, when you sit, either as a dominant or a submissive, you will be taken to the perfect head-space to fully explore your BDSM fantasies. 

Reign Throne provides the opportunity to for a dominant to indulge with one or two submissives. There are numerous menus which provides you the opportunity to enhance your role play like never before. 

--295 High quality animations 

--No poseballs 

--6 Lovescenes 


--Realistic textures and texture changing 

--RLV capture menu 

-- Advance Materials Ready 

--Experience enabled to automatically attach props 

--Relevant Face Animations 

--Dominant solo sits, couples and threesomes

RLV (This throne can be used without RLV.) 

From the menu, use the RLV option to scan for a submissive. 

You will get a message in local chat if there isn't anyone with RLV relays open. 

If a submissive is present you will get their names on the menu. Choose the submissive name from the list and this will force them to sit. 

When your submissive is seated, you can now access the full RLV menu.


Product will auto detect gender and male and female will be given the correct menu. 


The scenes have a built in control. These controls allow you to go backward, forward and show you in the menu where you are in the scene as it plays out. 


This is accessible to all whilst seated on the product under "ADUST’ menu. 

[ACCESS] button allows the owner to choose who may access the texture button and change the textures of the throne. 


Enable Experience on your land parcel. This will allow all users to use the product with experience and auto attach the props. 


This is available only to the owner. 


Please note that lifetime updates and redelivery are only applicable to copy versions.

Xplicit Customer Care 

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us directly via IM or visit us in-person at our Main Store.

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