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I was given a challenge: - To make a low prim bedset with a fully packed menu. 

Challenge accepted and exceeded. 

The challenger's fist reaction: 'Your fucking kidding me! One prim? It looks so much better than most multi prim bedsets! How the hell did you do this?'

WHAT YOU GET: A one prim bed set with high LOD; which includes 2 bedside tables, rug, ottoman, entire bed with two pillows. A second 2prim bed with the same menu.

The ottoman at the end of the bed will morph into a dance pole, rack and bdsm table when the animation is chosen from the furniture sub-menu. 

A separate prim for free lamp. This lamp is to help speed up the loading time for the morphing of furniture changes in the furniture submenu. You can choose to remove this lamp but SL will take a few seconds to load the sculpt texture. Using the lamp will reduce this waiting time significantly.


HOW TO USE: NO POSEBALL, simply touch and sit on the bedset, the menu comes up automatically. If you close it, just retouch it to get the menu again. The first sitter should be the female partner. If not, then go to the top menu and swap.

ANIMATIONS MENU: 174 high quality animations.In the sequence menu, choose the sequence buttons and allow the animations to run through smoothly and seamlessy. Or choose individual animations from that submenu buttons. Only Couples animations. 

- Cuddles 

- Foreplay and After 

- Full missionary love scene 

- Full blowjob scene 

- Oral animations 

- Front, behind and Ride animations 

- Pole dance and sex on pole 

- BDSM Rack 

- BDSM table 

Realistic facial expression for some animations.

CHANGING TEXTURES: Texture menu is accessable to all whilst seated on the bed. Textures include realistic baked shadowing. 

-10 colours for pillows and sheet

ADJUSTING POSITIONS: The bed will remember individual settings for individual positions.

Both sitters will have menus and can change the poses at any time. 

PROPS: Props will be given to the relevant person upon choosing the animation. The prop for the rope which works with the rack can be taken via the rack submenu. 

RUG- You may lower the bedset a few cm to lower the rug into the floor if you'd rather have this look to enable it to better match your decor. 

SECURITY- can be set to owner, group or everyone.

Please note: You are given two beds, one with only one prim and the other with 2 prims. Some people have mega prims which will trigger a known sl bug which affects one prim products that are placed within the bounding box of another object. If you experience this problem please use the 2 prims bed instead.

Please feel free to feedback to any of the members of staff. Their information can be found on the staff board in the main store or directly to Jodi Morane.


Jodi Morane

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