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Xplicit Timeless Piano PG VERSION. Low prim with detailed craftsmanship and selectable textures. Enjoy hours of fun simply playing and listening to those classic love songs. Even if you already own a piano, you will want to experience this classical beauty which will fit perfectly in almost any setting,


-- 30 Animations 

-- Solo and Couples animations 

-- Singing animation makes this the perfect performance piano 

-- Microphone given 

-- 'Security' button to limit access to 'Owner', 'Group', or 'Everyone' 

-- Lid will open and closed depending on the pose chosen. Default state is open when the piano is not in use. 

-- Mesh build 

-- Only 7 prims! 

-- 3D modeled realistic interior 

-- Texture changer 

-- 21 Full length songs, including some classic love songs. 

-- Music sheet which changes automatically with the switching of each song. 

-- Two ways to access the music menu, by touching the music sheet or by the main menu itself. 

-- Looping option for music.

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- Rezz the piano to ground. 

- Right click and sit. 

- Second sitter can do the same. You can swap positions using the swap button. 

- Select a sub-menu containing poses, and select a pose. 

- Both sitters will have their own individual menu.


- Choose the TEXTURE menu from the main menu. Select 'Frame' and you can choose from two main colours of black or white with various combinations for the piano seat.


- Touch the music sheets and choose from the selections. The music sheet texture will change to show the currently chosen song. All songs are in full length.


- You can adjust the poses to fit your own avatar and those you share the piano with. 

- Select a pose you want to adjust and choose the 'adjust' button. 

- 'Save Pos' stores the position into memory and will remember individual changes for each avatar.

We want you to feel supported so feel free to get in touch with us if you have any problems. Be sure to join the group for updates and new products.

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