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Introducing Xplicit Erotic Dance Table. If you love dancing and you are looking for something sexy but a bit different then you have found it here. Perfect for a club or your own private show at home, this table will be your new hot favourite toy. If you ever had a fantasy about your erotic dancer taking it to the next level and beyond, then sit back with up to 8 people and enjoy the show; or join in and really make it... Xplicit.


-120 high quality erotic animations. 

-Motion captured dance animations. 

-NO poseballs, just right click and sit. Low lag. 

-dances with the stool as a prop, sexy table dances, lapdances, masturbation, girl on girl, couples sexual interaction and threesome animations. 

-Solo female masturbation allowing the dancer to choose which sitter is performed in front of. 

-The table will rezz a chair each time the empty chair is sat on. 

-The table can rezz a maximum of 8 chairs, including the users of the table; you can accommodate 11 people in total. Each person will get their own individual menu. 

-Mesh table is only 4 prims. 

-Texture menu: Use the ‘TEXTURE’ button to hide or show the stool. Hiding the stool is not necessary for any of the animations, this is a feature simply for your own personal preference. 

-Security: Owner can use the security button to choose who is allowed to use the table. Press the button and see the setting in the local chat informing you if the table is set to allow ALL, GROUP, or OWNER only to sit upon the table. This setting will not affect the chairs. The chairs are set for everyone to sit on. 


-21 sits and masturbation animations in each chair with their own individual menu. 

-NO poseball, just touch to sit. 

-Mesh, each chair is only one prim. 

-Everyone can sit on the chairs. 

-The positions for the sitter in the chair can be adjusted via the adjustment button by anyone, however this adjustment cannot be permanently saved. 

Xplicit Customer Care 

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulty please contact us directly via IM or visit us in-person at our Main Store.

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