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Introducing your Favourite Swing for outdoors. This mesh design swing with canopy functions perfectly. Now you can take your sweet romance outdoors, you can sit and chat, or cuddle with your special someone as you swing to and fro.


-- 111 Animations 

-- 2 LoveScenes 

-- Solo and Couples animations. 

-- Mesh build 

-- Only 10 prims! 

-Swing is not linked to the canopy


- Rezz the 'Xplicit swing' to ground 

-Right click and edit to select the swing, hold down the shift key on the keyboard to allow you to select more than one object, click on the canopy 

-With both objects selected, move and rotate the swing to the location that you want 

-In local chat type /22reset to ensure that the swing to enable it to swing in the correct direction 

- When everything has loaded right click and sit.. 

- Select a sub-menu containing poses, and select a pose. 

-use the swing submenu to swing, you have the option to turn sound on or off.


Use the security button to choose who is allowed to use the Swing. Press the button and see the setting in the local chat informing you if the swing is set to allow all, group or owner only to sit upon the swing.


You can adjust the poses to fit your own avatar and those you share 'Xplicit swing' with. 

-Only when the swing is stationary select a pose you want to adjust and choose adjust button. Use the XYZ options and remember to save your adjustments. 

- "Save Pos" stores the position into memory. and will remember individual changes for each avatar.

We want you to feel supported so feel free to get in touch with us if you have any problems. Be sure to join the group for updates and new products.

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